Farewell Unreasonable Faith

April 24, 2014 at 9:13 am | Posted in Media | 2 Comments

Today I’m feeling a little melancholy. Yesterday, the long and protracted process that is the death of a blog became complete.

Unreasonable Faith was started by Daniel Florien in 2008 as an outlet for his thoughts and feelings about his deconversion from evangelical Christianity. Unfortunately, life kind of overtook Dan and he had to step away from it sometime in 2011 – But fortunately Vorjack was there to pick up the ball, and he did a great job of writing engaging, thoughtful entries about religion, scepticism and history. Do go and read his back-catalogue. It’s well worth it.

And then there’s me. The Angry Nurse – Custador, as I was known there. UF was never my blog, it was Dan’s and then it was Vorjack’s. But I’ve been writing posts for it for almost the entire time it’s been up, only stopping about a year ago out of frustration at the hundreds and thousands of fruitless hours I was putting in to try to keep their forum useable. The repeated blog migrations saw the bulk of my back-catalogue of writing mislabelled as written by “Fatemeh”, and brought it to Patheos (which paid for the bandwidth but has a crappy interface). Then Patheos introduced the Disqus commenting system for all of its blogs (and if you think it sucks as a commenter, then try being the poor sod that has to use it as an admin). I miss the UF forum most of all; it was a thriving, buoyant community, and its death by spam-bot signalled the final death-knell of the whole enterprise for me. So without even a goodbye, I stopped posting on the blog and gave up on the forum entirely.

I spent some time yesterday reading through my own back catalogue of blog entries for UF. There are about 150 in all (if you include the ones I wrote as “Guest” and the ones misattributed to “Fatemeh”).

That doesn’t represent the same investment of time and effort that Vorjack put in, or that of the emotion that Dan put in. But it was still a lot of my time. I’ll always be grateful to Dan and the UF community for giving me a place to expose my own thoughts to a mass audience and have them seriously scrutinised; I’ve changed an awful lot as a person thanks to some incredibly smart people patiently ripping my posts to shreds and carefully explaining why I was wrong. I’ve also met some people in the strange internet world who I’ve never met in real life, but who I nevertheless consider to be good friends.

So for anybody from UF reading this, goodbye and good luck. The old UF days were good, and I’m sure I’ll always miss them.

Peace, out.

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