Welcome to Oh, Matron!

February 11, 2013 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Humour | Leave a comment

Hello, good [insert time of day here], and welcome! I am Custador, AKA The Angry Nurse, and this is my new blog. I’ve blogged on many topics unrelated to being a nurse, over a period of several years, as well as moderating blogs for other people for a long time. But I thought that what the internet really needs is: More graphic stories about bodily fluids, from a trained professional body fluid handler. The internet is short of those, right? In all seriousness, I hope that this blog will cover a plethora of subjects, from professional and ethical issues, to sharing experiences, to gross-out tales about the incredible size of some of the turds nurses see (I’m not even kidding, some of them have been gigantic).

And that’s that. Now I’d better start writing something with some actual content to it. Stomach content, maybe. Hmmmm…

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