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1) Please don’t use gender-based pejoratives. I’m talking about words which more properly describe females of the genus Canis, or which improperly describe parts of the female reproductive system, in particular. Please don’t use those words. Few things irritate me more than misogyny.

2) Please don’t evangelise and/or talk about how God saved your family member’s life/limbs. It’s offensive to people who work their backsides off saving lives, to see all the credit given to your imaginary friend.

3) Please don’t link-spam. I’m not your SEO service.

4) Don’t be a douchebag. I’ve moderated blogs which have been utterly destroyed by regular commenters who felt entitled to act like douchebags. Please don’t be like them.

5) Do tell me if I’m being a douchebag. Because I’m human, and I might be.

6) I strongly believe in freedom of speech, but that does not mean I am obliged to provide you with a platform for every inappropriate or offensive rant you make. In general I will try not to delete any comments, but that doesn’t mean I never will.

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  1. I was a Military Medic in a war far away and long ago. One of the things I most hated was having to Triage after a firefight. Playing God. After stabilising those for Casevac I still had to death with those in the grip of raging pain, irrevocably damaged young men.

    There would be a small group of soldiers around one such. Their eyes would be filled with the things they daren’t say. They would turn away while I leaned over the casualty, reaching into my medical bag. When it was over they would thank me with their eyes, and the unspoken wish for the same if they were ever to need it.

    I think that I know what makes you angry, I carry this with me still, the unspeakable horrors we had to deal with and the choices we had to make. Little battlefield secrets that haunt me still.

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