About Me

Greetings, fellow travellers in the blue nowhere! My name is Custador (also known as The Angry Nurse on Twitter), and I am nurse, a blogger, an agnostic atheist and an all-round good egg.

I occasionally blog on all things atheist/sceptical (and a few things social) for Daniel Florien over at Unreasonable Faith (you can find most of my back-catalogue of posts here and here).

But this blog is about nursing, healthcare and related topics. I’ll share some (heavily anonymised) stories about the things that go on in hospitals and see if I can’t scare some of you into becoming health-nuts.

Please be aware that I’ll sometimes talk about things that non-medical folk never get to see, and some of those things are going to be shocking / upsetting / emotive. For that reason, you should accept please take note of the following disclaimer:

Everything I write will be at least partly allegorical – I will alter details of the people and places involved, time-shift things and just generally shuffle events around. I won’t do that for narrative convenience; it’s so that it’s not possible to identify the patients, professionals or institutions that I write about. Including me. I like nursing – being struck-off for breaching confidentiality is not on my list of things to do. I also like my patients (mostly) – Keeping their secrets is important to me.

Oh, and lastly: I’m not a Matron. I’m a Staff Nurse. I’m the wrong gender to be a Matron, anyway. Actually, I think male Matrons are still called Matrons, but that just twists my melon. Patrons, surely?

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